History Channel, Hitler, & Ozzy Osbourne; that wacky Ben Carson; history of the Gatling Gun; fixing our “debates”; 200 year old skeletons in NYC


So the “History” channel is starting a reality mini-series called “Hunting Hitler.” It is about tracking down possible evidence that he made it out of Germany alive and lived to a ripe old age. As you can imagine, the series looks to be a mess. Check out this snarky review. As if we needed any more proof that the channel has lost all credibility.

One of the biggest reasons that History Channel has lost credibility is because of their ridiculous “Ancient Aliens” show. Well, we can all be relived that Ben Carson (who has made some crazy historical statements) knows that the pyramids were not built by aliens. However, in rejecting the alien theory, he spouted some other nonsense. Oh, that crazy Carson.

And here’s more on the History Channel: it seems that they are about to do a show with Ozzy Osbourne and his family giving history lessons “with an Osbourne slant.” Seriously??? This might be interesting and fun to watch on say, MTV or Comedy Central, but the fact that History Channel is producing it says everything you need to know about their desire to be taken seriously.  Maybe they should just team Ozzy up with Ben Carson and this guy, and then they would really be on to something interesting. The only good news about this development is that it has led Ozzy back to San Antonio, where he will formally apologize for urinating on the Alamo 30 years ago. You can’t make this stuff up, folks.

Ok, let’s get to some good history. Another solid and interesting piece is up today on the increasingly awesome site, We’re History. This one is about the inventor of the Gatling Gun, and the troubles he had getting it used during the Civil War. Its effectiveness came later in support of imperialism.

Our last presidential debate was a debacle, but aren’t they all? Here are some suggestions from political science professor David B. McLennan for how to improve them by taking them back to their roots. (I’ve been saying these things to my classes for years).

And lastly, some macabre history for today: a construction crew in NYC has uncovered a 200 year old burial vault holding a large pile of skeletons. Quick, get Ozzy out there for an episode of his History Channel show!


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