Titanic’s owners lied?; more on Carson, US history and pyramids; update on Tut’s tomb; the last Confederate surrender


So a newly discovered telegram from the Titanic reveals that the ship’s owners were likely lying when they testified that they did not receive any news that the ship had hit an iceberg until after it was sunk. Not sure if this would have made a difference in how many lives could have been saved, but it is definitely an interesting fact to add to the lore of that ill-fated ship.

Another day, another wacky historical lesson from Ben Carson. Apparently, he needs a basic US history class so that he knows that America had a long history of elected government BEFORE the Declaration of Independence (and in fact that their history of self government was one of the main reasons they opposed what they saw as the British stepping on the rights of their elected government bodies). His comment is not just some simple misstatement of fact, it shows that he is profoundly clueless about the origins of our nation’s ruling institutions and government philosophy. Sorry Ben, this isn’t another “gotcha” thing coming from the liberal and “politically correct” media. And then there is this: he admits to fabricating some facts about applying for and getting a West Point scholarship.

Oh, and did you see this piece about how archeologists have responded to his comments about the pyramids? We know why they were built, because the Egyptians wrote it down.

And while we are on the Egyptians, how is that project going to look for a new chamber in King Tut’s tomb? Here’s the latest.

We commemorated the end of the Civil War back in April, but the last Confederate surrender wasn’t until 150 years ago today. In England.


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