The last sesquicentennial commemoration; history of black college football activists; NPS & Manhattan Project; iconic American immigrants; George Will slams Bill O’Reilly


There have been numerous reenactments and commemorations over the last 5 years for the 150th of the Civil War’s major events, but the last one was perhaps the most unique. Check out the story of what these English blokes went through to pull off the “last flag down” commemoration. Good stuff.

The events at the University of Missouri involving their football team and racial problems have gained a lot of media attention. But is the team’s stand as unprecedented as many have claimed? Absolutely not. Check out “the hidden history of black college football activists.”

Big news from the NPS: There will soon be a Manhattan Project National Park encompassing sites in Washington state, Tennessee, and of course New Mexico. I’m looking forward to seeing how they straddle the line between interpreting the dramatic accomplishment of the project workers, while serving “as a reminder that these actions and discoveries must be handled with great care for they can have world-changing consequences.”

Here’s a good timely list from Time: “Iconic Figures of American History That Were All Immigrants.” (Of course this is just a sampling, there are many more they could add).

Well of course it is no surprise that Bill O’Reilly’s new book about Reagan is as bad as his other books, but check out conservative commentator George F. Will’s takedown of the Fox News star. “When . . . O’Reilly’s vast carelessness pollutes history and debases the historian’s craft, the mess is, unlike O’Reilly, to be taken seriously.”


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