The Founders and Muslims, the 3/5ths clause, hip-hop music, & garbage disposals!; the Red Cloud tragedy; film legends we’ve lost; history gift suggestion; Hanukkah primer


Did the Founders intend for religious freedom in the United States to extend even to Muslims? You betcha. Good piece here from the Washington Post in which several historians weigh in.

Of course, as The Onion brilliantly points out, if the Founders were alive today, they would be too fascinated by a garbage disposal to have many opinions about current events! Satire, of course, but as they so often do, the writers over there are making a valid point, this one about how we use and misuse the Founders in our modern political discourse.

And while we are on the Founders: I am not big on counterfactual history, but sometimes it can be useful for pointing out the importance of what did actually happen. Today Elizabeth Covart has an interesting post that ponders what would have happened had the 3/5ths clause not been placed in the Constitution. Man, you could go down a lot of roads with that one.

And for even more on the Founders: it turns out that even just the soundtrack for the Broadway smash hit, Hamilton, is apparently an awesome way to get kids interested about and learning history. I can’t wait until they turn this thing into a movie.

Today is the anniversary of the death of the Lakota leader, Red Cloud. Over on We’re History, they have a somber yet powerful  essay from Heather Cox Richardson about the tragic story of one of America’s greatest warriors and statesmen.

No one does those end-of-the-year “who we lost” celebrity videos better than the folks at Turner Classic Movies. Today they’ve released their 2015 edition. They really put these things together well.


For my Holiday-season postings for today: First, if you are looking for a present for yourself or another American history lover/Lincoln fan in your life, you gotta get this T-Shirt. (And it just happens to have been designed by a friend of mine!)


Secondly, here’s a quick primer about Hanukkah for those of us outside of the Jewish faith.

Oh, and then there is this:


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