Add Jeb to list of candidates that need a history class; something “new” to say about Lincoln?; archeological mysteries (one solved by Facebook); writing for the SCWH


Well, a few months ago I said that mass shooter Dylan Roof understands what the Confederacy stood for better than many people seem to. I guess we can now add Jeb Bush to that list of people who seem clueless about the white supremacy and desire to preserve slavery that drove the south into secession. This means we can also add him to the list of guys that are running for president that need a basic US history class.

Can someone tell me what is “new” about this interpretation of Lincoln? There is some massive ignorance of historiography on display here, but I am pretty sure that it is willful ignorance, designed to get attention by claiming to have something new to say. Sadly, it comes from a pretty big name in the historical community. Honestly, far too much of this goes on.

More archaeology news out of Egypt: a couple of ancient statues have recently been discovered within a shrine. As of now, the identity of whom they represent is unknown.

And while we are on mysteries: in case you missed it, that tool that was found in a Jewish cemetery turns out to not be an ancient artifact after all. Just days after asking the internet for help, the Israeli Antiquities Authority got their answer from someone on Facebook.

The Society of Civil War Historians is recruiting folks to write for their blog. It is open to one and all, so if you feel that you have something worth sharing in a way that would be credible and gain some legitimate attention, you should consider writing for them! I know I will at some point.


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