Major find in Alexandria (not zombies); new memorial to the 54th Mass; Civil War graffiti in Fredericksburg; gender gap in history publishing; Earhart a spy? Lincoln’s deathbed


So did you see this story?? A ship from the early 1800s was unearthed in Northern Virginia by a construction crew, and it has archeologists giddy with excitement. Check out the video on this local news site.  Here’s much more about it. 

Here’s a story from a few days ago that is close to my heart: South Carolina has put up a new marker to the 54th Massachusetts near the site of their attack on Fort Wagner. (Why is it close to my heart? Read this.)

And while we are on the Civil War, here’s a nice bit of interesting historical sleuthing from Eric Mink of the National Park Service in Fredericksburg. He tracked down the authors of some graffiti on one of the city’s Civil War era buildings, and they led him to a “house of ill fame.”

No surprises here: a recent study reveals that most history books published these days (either in popular or academic presses) are still mostly by men, about men.

Well, just when it seemed we were on the verge of discovering what happened to Amelia Earhart, a new book is out today that claims she was a spy, was captured by the Japanese, but lived out her life under an assumed name here in the US until her death in 1982. Well, that’s a good story, but can they prove it? Doubtful.

Anyone that has ever been to the Chicago History Museum is aware that they have some amazing artifacts that more appropriately belong at other sites (for instance, the table that Lee’s surrender was signed on. Why is that not in Appomattox?). One of the more amazing pieces they have is Lincoln’s deathbed (why is that not at the Petersen House in DC?) But for at least the next two months, it can be viewed in a slightly more appropriate setting: the Lincoln Presidential Museum in Springfield. (And as for why the Chicago Historical Society has some of this stuff, it is actually an interesting story in and of itself. But maybe some other time . . )

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