So, just what is a contested convention?



I saw a large amount of “experts” on TV last night partially and perhaps willfully mis-analyze the results and also reveal that they are apparently ignorant about what happens at a contested convention. We have not had one in a long time, so I guess I can forgive their ignorance (I’m looking at you, Jake Trapper from CNN), since journalists rarely seem to have a firm grasp of history anyway. So let me do us all a favor and post this from the Pew Research Center.  (I’m not sure why they started their analysis in 1868, considering that Lincoln was the product of a contested convention in 1860). Further, I heard several say that the Republicans surely would’t ignore the voice of the voters that have supported Trump by defeating him at the convention. But what about all the people that have voted AGAINST Trump? Right now, those voters and delegates still outnumber the Trump supporters (and I dare say they always will), so can the party just ignore those voices?? Personally, I am going to enjoy watching these next couple of weeks, as Florida and Ohio are likely to turn the tide one way or the other. Man, those two states always have such an impact on presidential elections, don’t they?


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