Trump isn’t Hiter, he’s Jackson. And Goldwater?; CNN’s look at 1860 election; “accurate-ish” history at Colonial Williamsburg

Uh oh, I’m back on Trump:

A couple of weeks ago I was talking to one of my colleagues/friends about Trump, and I said, “the comparisons aside, he isn’t really Hiter, he’s . . .” and before I could get it out, my friend finished my sentence with “Andrew Jackson.” Precisely what I was going to say. Of course we are not the only ones that have come to that conclusion, but I’ve yet to see a good posting from someone making that point. Until this one today from Matthew Mason at BYU. I particularly like his last paragraph.

But while we are on Trump comparisons: Like most teachers, I have always taught that one of the biggest mistakes a major political party has made is when the Republicans nominated Goldwater in 64; a mistake they are still suffering from to this day. It is clear that the party’s leadership is doing everything in their power to prevent such a mistake from happening again (it remains to be seen if they can). Still, the parallels with 1964 are striking, especially when you watch this short 4 minute film/commercial from 1964:

I am still looking for a good piece on the brokered convention in 1860 that gave us Abe Lincoln, but over on Emerging Civil War they have a good analysis of CNN’s Race for the White House episode on the 1860 election. As with the other episodes in the series, the problem was not so much what they had in the show, but what they didn’t.

I am a big fan of Colonial Williamsburg, but as I have stated before, I am really worried about the new direction they have been taking lately to get their attendance numbers up. (The skating rink during the winter didn’t bother me as much as it did a lot of people, mainly because of where it was placed, but those pirate zombies last Halloween?? And that Super Bowl ad??) Good piece here from the Richmond Times-Dispatch on the controversial new direction they’ve taken, but the most troubling thing is when the president defends the zombie garbage as “accurate-ish.” Yikes. That is a dangerous standard that I don’t think any public history site should aspire to.


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