Shakespeare’s skull is missing? Trump is Jefferson Davis?; sexist history of “shrill” women; myths & realities of Sherman’s March; some truly bizarre Easter traditions


Well, remember that story about the scanning of Shakespeare’s grave? I dismissed it as a TV stunt, but it turns out that it has revealed that the Bard’s head probably WAS stolen by grave robbers. Wow. Hamlet?

Ok, here is a new one: Trump isn’t Hitler, or Mussolini, or George Wallace, or Andrew Jackson . . . he’s Jefferson Davis? I’m raising my eyebrow too, but hear out the argument of Professor Steve Ross of the University of Southern California. It is all about how WASPs are worried about losing control of the government. OK, I’m listening.

And while we are on the election: much has been made about the fact that when Hillary gives loud aggressive speeches, she is criticized for sounding shrill and for yelling. But wait, don’t all the other candidates yell and aggressively belt out their diatribes (some more than others). So what gives? Well, we know the answer to that, and as Time points out, there is nothing new about telling women to use their “inside voice” in public. 

The Civil War Monitor continues its awesome interview series with top historians, with a posting today featuring Anne Sarah Rubin discussing the myths and realities of Sherman’s March:

And lastly, as we head off into Easter weekend, National Geographic has a look at how other cultures have Easter traditions “that range from the painful, to the miraculous, to the downright bizarre.” Some fascinating stuff here, including a dude in the Philippines that every year takes a flogging at then actually has himself crucified on a cross (Yep, and there’s video).


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