Roots remake hype; our history of disapproving of Civil Rights activists; KKK hood in the classroom; dinosaurs & asteroids; digging up a Roman villa


The hype for the upcoming remake of Roots has begun: today on People magazine’s website they’ve got a short clip from the first episode and a brief introduction to the main characters and their storylines. Those familiar with the original series will recognize them all.

Looking back from the perspective of history, Civil Rights protests in the 50s and 60s are widely praised and revered by most Americans regardless of party affiliation. Back then, however, public opinion polls showed that only about 22%-28% of Americans viewed such things as lunch counter sit-ins,  Freedom Rides, and the 1963 Washington March with favorable opinions. As this piece today from the Washington Post points out, those numbers are similar to how Americans today view the Black Lives Matter movement.

Did you see the story about the high school kid that did a presentation on “Crime in the 1920s” while wearing a KKK hood? Apparently, the presentation did not even mention the klan. Zowie.

Did an asteroid strike destroy a thriving dinosaur population, or just finish off a process that was already thinning the herd? A new study says the dinosaurs had been in decline for over 50 MILLION years before the so-called “asteroid catastrophe.”

So imagine that you are having some underground electric wires run out to a barn/shed on your property, and it leads to the discovery of a major archeological site.   That is what happened to one dude in England, uncovering a large and impressive Roman Empire era villa on his land. It is kind of a big deal: “The discovery of such an elaborate and extraordinarily well-preserved villa, undamaged by agriculture for over 1,500 years, is unparalleled in recent years. Overall, the excellent preservation, large scale and complexity of this site present a unique opportunity to understand Roman and post-Roman Britain. ”



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