Have women in politics now fully “arrived?”; Does history dictate a Trump victory?; update on new Smithsonian museum; earth’s history to get a rewrite?; Nixon & Elvis


Interesting blog post today from the Constitution Center which provides a “history of women in American politics.” It has a solid history synopsis, but also ponders why Hillary’s potential victory this fall doesn’t seem like such a big deal, arguing that the fact that females feel no need to get behind her candidacy out of a sense of gender solidarity reveals that “women in politics have fully arrived.”

But wait . . . maybe she won’t win. Does American history dictate that Trump will emerge victorious? A commentary video on The Guardian points out that every progressive moment in our history has been met with an equally strong racist backlash. So, it would make sense that our first black president would be followed by a Trump presidency. I think he is dead on that this has been a factor in why Trump has gotten this far, but it is also one of the main reasons he must be stopped.

The new Smithsonian African American history museum is set to open in September, but the Washington Post today has a preview and update on their progress. Looks like it is going to be an amazing facility with artifacts that range from real slave cabins, to a plane flown by the Tuskegee airmen, to Jackson 5 memorabilia. And then there is the “Oprah Winfrey Theater.”

So geologists in Australia have made a discovery that might totally re-write what we know about early earth’s history.

Has a Canadian teenager discovered the ruins of an ancient Mayan city?  (Sheesh, and to think what I was doing with my time when I was a teen).

Lastly, I know I am a bit late on this one, but I haven’t seen the new movie out now that has some fun with the famous meeting people Nixon and Elvis (it is “inspired” by the true story), but I sure want to. You will too once you watch this video about its making. Oh, and here’s the trailer:


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