Why remake Roots?; Archeological discoveries in Boston & Philly; Latest on Louisville’s rebel monument removal; Phoenician DNA


The original Kunta Kinte (LeVar Burton), on the set with the new one (Malachi Kirby).

We are getting closer to the premiere of the Roots remake (Monday-Thursday next week), and in this interview with the producer of the new one and star of the original, LeVar Burton, he explains why the remake seemed necessary. (FYI: stayed tuned in the next week for my reviews of both the original and the remake).

Wednesday a construction crew in Boston uncovered what appears to be an old ship of some sort. Check out this raw video footage from a local TV station’s helicopter. I expect we will be hearing more about this soon.

Meanwhile, in Philadelphia, they are building a new Museum of the American Revolution (awesome, can’t wait) and in the process of clearing the site for it, researchers uncovered about 82,000 artifacts involving 17th, 18th, and 19th century homes, taverns and print shops. Ironically, the site being cleared is the old Independence National Historic Park building. “It seems only fitting that such a complete story of the evolution of the city should be found on the site of a future museum,” said museum CEO Michael Quinn. “These artifacts provide a tangible tie to Philadelphia’s past and help us tell the stories of people who lived right here before, during, and after the Revolutionary War.”

Latest on the attempt to remove a Confederate monument in Louisville, KY: A judge has dissolved a restraining order and says the removal may go forward. 

Researchers have discovered Phoenician DNA in North Africa. So what? It dates to 2,500 years ago, and includes European genomes. Finding this lineage in the area from that time was “very unexpected,”and may shake up what we know about ancient human migration.


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