Is a Roots remake necessary?; DNA and master/slave sexual exploitation; more on that unearthed ship in Boston; Battlefield looters in Petersburg


First, some self-serving promotion: Over on Civil War Pop, Christian McWhirter graciously posted my review of the original Roots miniseries. With the new version about to hit television screens on Memorial Day and the next three nights after, I wondered if a remake was necessary and decided to take another look at the original.  Stay tuned for my review of the remake next week.

We’ve long had many different types of evidence that prove white masters routinely exploited their female slaves for sexual gratification (and that slave women often likewise exploited these situations for their own survival and leverage—as recently brilliantly depicted on WGN’s Underground), but now a new study gives us DNA proof as well.

There’s more news about that sunken ship that was unearthed in Boston a few days ago. It looks like it is going to be impossible to recover, but 3D scans show that its sunken cargo is largely intact.

Speaking of unearthing things: it looks like relic hunters have raided the Petersburg National Battlefield Park. Labeling it a “crime scene,” the park service will aggressively hunt down these vandals and if caught, they face pretty serious consequences.


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