Gun control debate & abolitionism?; Trump is Henry Ford?; Free State of Jones movie comes with footnotes; Another royal underneath a parking lot?


The other day I got into a discussion online (via Facebook postings) with a few intelligent people that I respect, but with which I disagreed. We were discussing the gun control debate, and during the course of the conversation it suddenly struck me that there are some parallels between this debate and what the Abolitionists were up against when they fought against the ownership of a constitutionally protected form of property that was well-entrenched in the fabric of the nation. Such a historical analogy is problematic, of course, and like most of them it is very far from precise, breaking down in a lot of ways. I have many thoughts about this, as well as the connection with the proslavery argument (and how certain groups successfully frame even moderate proposals as extremist ones in order to rile up the masses)  but the dangers of historical analogies make me inclined to not publicly dig too deeply. However, very few of us are blessed with original thought, so certainly I am far from the only one that has gone down this trail. In fact, today I was interested to see that noted abolition historian Manisha Sinha has an interview with Slate that thoughtfully considers the parallels. It is an interesting read, and something to think about. I will leave it at that.

And while we are on historical parallels, many folks have compared Trump to other politicians (Wallace, Goldwater, Jackson, and of course Hitler, etc.), but here’s a new one. He isn’t any of those guys, he is Henry Ford! (?)

Getting closer to the Free State of Jones release date (June 24), and as the excitement builds, we find out that director Gary Ross has created a website that explores the film’s historical accuracy, allowing you to view various primary and secondary sources. How cool is that? Lost Cause advocates of all stripes are going to hate this movie, and have already been challenging its veracity (I even had someone mildly do so on this website), so it is nice to see that Ross is ready to take them on. Perhaps this will start a new trend with historical films; footnotes!

Are the British on the verge of finding the remains of another one of their kings underneath a parking lot? Maybe so, and this time it is King Henry I. Dang man, maybe we here in the United States should start digging up more parking lots.


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