Some filibuster history; Hamilton coming to TV & big screen?; some great museum news; mic dropping on a neo-Confederate


Jimmy Stewart as fictional Senator Jefferson Smith, preparing for an epic filibuster in Frank Capra’s Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (1939)

Watching some of the “filibuster” last night sure made me think a lot about Jimmy Stewart in Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (if you have never seen it, you need to quickly make up for this deficiency in your film literacy. Man, what a great movie with amazing performances, stunning visuals, and emotionally stirring scenes of Americana). But it also made me wonder about the longest filibusters in our history. I was pretty sure someone would post a list, and I was not disappointed. Turns out that Strom Thurmond holds the record (post 1900), holding the floor for 24 hours in 1957 to fight passage of some Civil Rights legislation. Not exactly the heroically valiant effort of Jimmy Stewart’s Senator Jefferson Smith or of real-life hero Senator Chris Murphy last night, huh?

Here’s some potential great news for those of us not wealthy or privileged enough to get tickets to see Hamilton on Broadway: PBS is working on a documentary about the musical and Alexander Hamilton himself that will air this fall. The more intriguing news is that the musical will be filmed live at the end of this month, yet how this footage will be used is still a secret. My guess is that it will hit theaters (fingers crossed), but we shall see!

We are getting more news about the plans for the big grand opening of the Smithsonian’s new African American History museum this fall, and it looks like it will be epic (how can I get an invite?). Even better news: they have gotten over 270 million in private donations so far.

And speaking of new museums, we have already heard about Philadelphia’s construction of a Museum of the American Revolution, but today Smithsonian has some great details. The centerpiece will be Washington’s field tent (inside what will be the second largest display case in the country), it will hold over 3,000 objects that have rarely been seen publicly (if at all) in the last 80 years, the facility will be high tech and “immersive,” and the museum’s goal is to highlight the diversity of peoples that shaped the Revolution. Sounds awesome, right? It’ll be opening in early 2017!

Tonight I give Nick Sacco the last word: like many of us, he was angry when he saw a social media posting that has been making the rounds in which some neo-confederate idiot made a poor comparison between the condemnation of the Rebel flag  after the South Carolina shooting and the lack of condemnation of Islam after the Orlando shooting. Do yourself a favor and check out Nick’s takedown of this moron.



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