The real battles that inspired Game of Thrones’ Battle of the Bastards; More proof that Rush Limbaugh is willfully ignorant; so now Trump is Aaron Burr??


So how about Game of Thrones last night? Wow! Aside from how amazing the episode was and how satisfying it was to audiences (I’m convinced we are going to pay a big price for getting what we wanted however, so stay tuned) military historians and buffs no doubt found the show particularly interesting. First, Jon Snow’s plan for the battle—to take advantage of his own weak center and his enemy’s over-aggressiveness due to his superior numbers and anger—sounded a lot like Daniel Morgan’s tactics in the Battle of Cowpens during the American Revolution. It didn’t work out for Snow because he ruined his own plan by letting his anger and passion lead to his charging of an enemy with superior numbers (you know nothing, Jon Snow). As a result, Bolton was able to maneuver Snow into a fight that was looking a whole lot like Hannibal’s victory over the Romans at Cannae, until the Knights of the Vale arrived and saved the day. Showrunner David Benioff admitted that the fight was inspired by Cannae, but also by Civil War battles  “where the bodies were piled so thick it actually became an obstruction on the battlefield.” My guess is he’s referring to Spotsylvania. This mash-up of real-life historic battles made for one helluva moment in television history.

And speaking of people that know nothing: Trump’s disapproval ratings are outstandingly high (thank goodness) at 70%. So how does Rush Limbaugh explain that? He argues that it is a product of generations of students being taught “liberal” Howard Zinn-inspired US history that focuses on “what a rotten place this country is, how it was founded in a totally unjust and immoral way, and that it was not about liberty and freedom.” Listen, I have my own problems with how history gets taught these days, but for Rush to be so profoundly confused as to why Trump is hated so much really reveals a willful ignorance on his part. The irony is that Trump has destroyed the Republican party that Rush loves so much, and it is because Limbaugh has helped over the last 25+ years to inflame and encourage the very xenophobic, racist, and misogynistic people that have now picked Trump. So, dear Rush, when Trump totally gets demolished this fall and takes the Republican party down with him, that won’t be Howard Zinn’s fault, it’ll be partly (if not largely) yours.

Ok, at this point, Trump has been compared to just about everyone. Now it is Aaron Burr. Until he pulls the trigger on someone (which, as he correctly pointed out, would probably make his supporters like him more), I’m not going to connect him to Burr.  Can we all agree that it is time for these comparisons to stop?!



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