Trump and Nixon’s 1968 rhetoric; Mary Todd Lincoln & vitamin b-12; neanderthals were cannibals; digging in Philadelphia’s toilets


So, as if we haven’t seen enough parallels and commentary about this year and 1968, today Trump came out and directly (and seemingly purposely) plagiarized Goldwater, Reagan, and especially Richard Nixon’s “law and order candidate” rhetoric. Couple that with his appeals to “the silent majority,” and it is sure sounding a lot like Nixon’s coded messages in ’68. I guess we should just be glad that he has decided to plagiarize Nixon and not George Wallace’s blatant rhetoric.

It occurs to me that many folks might not be so sure why there has been a lot of talk about 1968 lately. If you have Netflix, you can watch the brilliant CNN series “The Sixties.” There is an episode devoted exclusively to 1968. It is not a comprehensive look (especially because they cover many of the topics in more detail in other episodes), but if you need a good history refresher that is presented in a highly stimulating way (and in 41 minutes), check it out if you can. Here’s a trailer:

This story is a few days old now, but did you see the one about the new theory that Mary Todd Lincoln’s erratic behavior was the product of vitamin B-12 deficiency? (Its a real condition called “pernicious anemia.”) Interesting to consider, but I’ve always felt her strange behavior has been exaggerated, starting with Lincoln’s earliest biographers (who had an agenda for doing so). Further, I defy anyone to go through what she did in her lifetime without becoming a bit unhinged. (Of course I am far from an expert on this).

Here’s some morbid stuff: researchers have discovered evidence suggesting the Neanderthals were cannibalistic, and that they used each other’s bones for tools. Yikes.

So remember that story about how the construction site for Philadelphia’s upcoming Museum of the American Revolution has yielded some valuable artifacts? Turns out that they are getting some of their best stuff by digging into what was the city’s public privies (toilets).


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