Trucks as weapons; Trump & Nixon; NPS’ oldest ranger is back on the job; dealing with Pokemon on the National Mall; goat testicles and human male impotence (yep).

As if 2016 has not already given us enough: the truck attack in France appears at the moment to be the deadliest attack ever carried out in the West by a lone assailant. Using a truck as a weapon, however, is sadly not new.

Meanwhile, Trump has jumped on the event (before all the facts are in) to declare that if he were president, he would be asking Congress to declare war (huh?). It also has become a moment for him (and his new buddy Newt) to launch a new round of anti-immigrant diatribes.  Just another reminder that he is not fit to be president. And that is the perfect lead in for today’s Historians on Donald Trump video. Evan Thomas III is the author of nine books, including a recent best seller on Nixon. In his video, he compares Trump’s politics of fear with Nixon’s, but makes the point that at least tricky Dick actually “knew a lot.” Meanwhile, Trump “doesn’t seem to know that much, or to care to know that much.”


National Geographic has a nice little piece today about the NPS’s oldest park ranger, 94 year old Betty Reid Soskin. She has recovered from a beating she took from a home invader and is back on the job at Rosie the Riveter National Park. What a valuable asset for the NPS! Her mother was born a slave, and she herself worked as a “rosie” during WWII. The story also highlights the importance of our urban national parks.

Speaking of the NPS, in DC they have decided to schedule an event this weekend designed to help Pokemon Go players have fun with the game on the National Mall, but to do so in a respectful way that also educates at the same time. Sounds like a good idea. Stay tuned as we see how other historic sites try to use this craze in a constructive way.

Ok, lets see if you have heard about this one: Did you know that there was a guy in the 1920s and 30s that became a millionaire by claiming that he had a cure for male impotence, and that the cure was to sew goat testicular glands into a patient’s scrotum? You can’t make this stuff up. A new documentary has been made about the guy, and its titled Nuts. 

And with that, a bid you a Happy Friday!


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