Watching history; Hillary harkens to the suffragettes; Mercy Street preview; Lost Cause & public history; Does Trump and/or Hillary signal the apocalypse?


Pretty cool piece from ABC News, showing pictures that parents took of their daughters (and in one case a grandmother) watching the history made last night. CNN also has a collection of them.

Here’s a nice little article on Felicia Kahn of New Orleans, a 90 year old delegate to the DNC. She was extremely happy to have lived to see last night, recalling how it used to be a big deal that in 1976 Jimmy Carter met with a group of women to discuss women’s issues. We’ve come a long way, baby.

Did Hillary choose to wear white last night as a connection to the suffrage movement that frequently and purposely wore white during their protests and rallies? Many news stories today are making that claim, like this one, but we don’t have any word directly from Clinton verifying it. Still, even if it wasn’t on purpose (it probably was), it is still pretty dang cool.

More connection to the suffragettes: here’s an illustration from 1920 titled “The Sky is Now Her Limit,” celebrating the passage of the suffrage amendment. The last step reads “presidency.” Come on now, if this doesn’t get ya, I don’t know what will.


OK, now that the conventions are over, I am very ready to focus on other things!

I was excited to see this video preview out today of the upcoming second season of PBS’s Mercy Street, especially because they have promised a battle scene, and a story line involving a contraband camp. Hopefully the recent string of pop cultural attacks on the Lost Cause will be continued! Check it out.

And speaking of the Lost Cause: Nick Sacco joined in on the discussion of Bill O’Reilly’s slave comments, adding that as a public historian at a historic site he hears the same sort of comments (and much worse) from visitors all the time. I too once worked as a public historian as a park ranger for Richmond National Battlefield Park, and he is absolutely right. More troubling is that at historic homes all over the south, the tour guides themselves are the ones perpetuating this nonsense, as you will often hear them refer to slaves as “servants,” pridefully claim that they were treated, housed, and fed well, and claim that slaves showed “devotion” to their white “family” by staying with their masters throughout and after the Civil War. So, not to be redundant by repeating things I have said here before, but this all again points out why it is so important that we have more and more TV shows and movies to combat the Lost Cause. Pop culture helped to engrain the Lost Cause into our collective memories, and it is there that it ultimately has to be defeated.

Oh, and did you know that today is the end of the world? There’s a video and everything. I guess a female front runner for president really is the sign of the apocalypse. Or is it Trump that signals the 7th seal being opened? I’m going with Trump.


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