Presidential scholars Thomas & McCullough hold forth on presidents, history, and our current election; female power in ancient North America; first trailer for Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk


Presidential scholars Evan Thomas (left) and David McCullough

Don’t miss this one: Historian/journalist Evan Thomas and Pulitzer Prize winning historian David McCullough sat down last month during the DNC and had an interesting conversation about the presidency, former presidents, Obama, Clinton/Trump, and various other historical topics. Today there is a transcript of their conversation, and it is very interesting. I highly encourage  you to read it. Of particular note– their mutual prediction that the election would soon see a “Joseph Welch moment.” (They nailed it, but they could not have predicted the beautifully karmic source from which it did come). Also, I enjoyed their observations about the many past presidents that were vociferous readers of history and/or appreciated its lessons. (Lincoln is missing from their list, though).  Good stuff. Seriously, check it out.

And while we are pondering a Hillary Clinton presidency: Recent archeological discoveries at what is believed to be North America’s first city (Cahokia, which is near St. Louis) suggest that ancient North American civilizations may not have been as rigidly patriarchal in their leadership as we have long believed.

When I heard several months back that director Christopher Nolan was working on a film about Dunkirk & WWII, I got pretty excited.  (The wonder is that an epic-sized film has not already been made about this event. The British always seem to have their finest moments when their backs are against the wall). Today we have the first teaser trailer for the film, which won’t be out until next summer. As with most teasers, there isn’t much to it, but the visuals (particularly the last one) will definitely get you stoked.


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