Do we need to rewrite textbook coverage of the “Land Bridge?”; the 8 weirdest Olympic events; noted (and conservative) Reagan biographer on Trump


Pretty much every survey-level US history class begins by discussing the Ice Age movement of nomads across the interior of the so-called Land Bridge, leading to the first population of peoples in North America. A new study, however, contends that we may be not exactly right about that. Humans were here, it argues, well before the Land Bridge became biologically capable of sustaining humans during the arduous journey.  Those first peoples, therefore, must have used the coastline of the Land Bridge to get here. Interesting. We all may need to get ready to revise our lecture notes!

The Olympics have thus far been very fun to watch (how awesome are Lily King, Michael Phelps, and the “Final Five?”) While all these games are pretty legit (no curling like in the Winter Olympics), in the past there have been some pretty weird competitions. Check out this list of the 8 weirdest events in the history of the games. Shooting at live pigeons? Pistol dueling?

The “Historians on Donald Trump” Facebook page has added a new video today. This one is from Craig Shirley, noted (and conservative) biographer of Ronald Reagan. Add him to the list of conservative Republicans that reject Trump. His video is particularly interesting and Reagan fans will especially find it compelling:


Here’s a good laugh: remember that “historian” from Florida that is part of Trump’s campaign there, and that believes the “black confederate” myth? Well, Kevin Levin has posted today that the guy also apparently thinks that Confederate General Edmund K. Smith was black (strange since he infamously ordered Rebel troops to shoot down surrendering black Union soldiers), and that the US Military Academy is in the state of Virginia (these things are in his book!). Hmm, there is a West Point in Virginia. It is a quaint little town with a rich history (native American and Civil War, especially), and beautiful views of the confluence of the Pamunkey, Mattaponi, and York rivers. At last check, however, it is not, and has never been, the home of the United States Military Academy. Such are the people with which Trump surrounds himself. I’ll let Bugs Bunny have the last line on this guy:


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