History of protests in sports; new Smithsonian is a hit even before opening its doors; Remake of Ben Hur is a flop, but is it any good?; What’s the deal with Roman “vomitoriums?”

San Francisco QB Colin  Kaepernick has received a firestorm of criticism for his refusal to stand during the National Anthem. Of course, he is not the first athlete to use their status to draw attention to political protests. Time has a “brief history of protests in sports,” but NBC News has a better article on it, delving into Kaepernick’s background to reveal that his protest is in many ways unique. Further, it reminds us that while many of the protesters of the past are praised today, they, like  Kaepernick, were vilified at the time of their actions. (I will only say this: that flag stands for a lot of things, including his constitutional right to do what he did. If you love the flag, you have to love that it allows his actions).

Want to go to the opening weekend of the Smithsonian’s new African American history museum? You’re too late. All the passes for that weekend, and the following two weekends, were snapped up in just one hour. Nice.

So as a film lover I was disgusted when I saw the trailer for a remake of Ben Hur. Why? for gosh sake, why? Which means I have been happy to see that the new version has been a colossal flop at the box office. But is it a good movie? Apparently not, if this review from Rutger University’s Bruce Chadwick is any indication, although he gives it kudos for being more accurate in regards to Roman brutality than the original.

Speaking of ancient Rome: it has long been alleged that they were such gluttons that they would vomit their food up just so they could enjoy more food. But is that true?

Sad news about Gene Wilder. I like to picture him happily reunited with Gilda. I also couldn’t help but use one of my favorite moments of him on film to take my own quick shot at Trump today in Gene’s honor (it is also a perfect example of comedic timing by an actor). So indulge my silliness as I  present Gene Wilder’s take on Trump voters:

Now that’s funny, I don’t care who you are. 🙂   I kid! I kid!


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