Presidential debate highlights and blunders; History says Trump will win the election?; Obama and Bush open the new Smithsonian; Drunk History’s new season


The big news today is tonight’s debate, which will likely turn out to the be the most watched presidential debate in history. There are a lot of stories out there today offering a brief history of presidential debates, but I like this one from Forbes the best: 13 quick facts. It of course includes Reagan’s take-down of Mondale with one quick line about age, but I’m a big believer that it was what Ronnie did after delivering the line that made it so effective. That sip of water was true showmanship, and was as if Reagan had said, “Game. Set. Match.”

Meanwhile, CNN has a list of the “8 biggest debate blunders.

American University Professor Allan J. Lichtman got a lot of media coverage over the weekend by predicting that Trump would win the presidency, based on a history formula he claims has successfully predicted every winner since 1984. So what is that formula? He breaks it down here.

On a happier note: did you see the full ceremony for the opening of the National Museum of African American History and Culture? If not, I highly recommend you watch the replay on CSPAN. Obama was at the top of his game (and even George W. had some nice moments.)

The much anticipated new season of Drunk History starts tomorrow night, and the Washington Post is already declaring the new season might turn out to be its best ever.



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