Mercy street teaser; Continual danger of the Lost Cause; Trump’s love for his superior genes & German blood; goodbye, Roy Moore.

The season 2 teaser trailer for PBS’s Mercy Street is out today. They do not get cranked back up until January 22nd, but when they do, it will keep up the long string of recent pop cultural hits on the Lost Cause (next up, though, is the Nat Turner movie). Check it out:

And speaking of the Lost Cause: check out this excellent essay today on Vox by a history PhD candidate at Rice  University named William Black. In it, he admits and explains why he once believed the lies of the Lost Cause, details why he changed his mind, and makes a strong case for why the myth is still so dangerous to our society.

And speaking of the belief in white racial superiority: check out this video featuring some of Trump’s statements which reveal his belief in Social Darwinism and his pride in his German blood and genes. Good lord.

But let’s end the week on a positive note. Today I am celebrating my state’s Court of the Judiciary’s  unanimous decision to remove Roy Moore from his job as Alabama Chief Justice. The man seemingly has no understanding of what the John Marshall Supreme Court established LONG ago, and today he is paying the price for it (literally, as he is suspended without pay for the rest of his term and cannot ever run for it again). I’m giving  beloved Gene Wilder the last word on it:


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