NBC’s new time travel show; Memorable VP debate moments; Infamous San Fran murder; Something really scary in the classroom


NBC has a new show premiering tonight which involves a team of time travelers chasing an evil dude throughout time and setting things right that he messes up. Sounds pretty unoriginal, (they are actually getting sued by people who say NBC stole their idea. But come on, how original is the idea??) and I have no faith that it will present history very accurately— especially since it is NBC.  But, it has gotten some good reviews, like this one from The Atlantic, and this one from the Boston Herald.  And one of the lead characters is a history professor. So what the heck, I’ll give it a shot. Will you?

Here’s the show’s official trailer:

Looks like they have high production values. Man, if this becomes a hit, I pray that they get the history right, or else we are going to have to do a lot of damage control in the classroom. I also like to see that the history prof is female.

We have a vice presidential debate coming up, but do they ever matter? Not really, unless they provide a memorable moment or two. Remember these?

Just in time for Halloween month, a San Francisco newspaper is starting a 5 part series on legendary murders in their city. Ohhh, nice.  They start with a strange tale involving a priest, a poet, and a lot of pancakes.

Want to see something really scary? Check out this story of an archeologist that was shocked to find out what her daughter’s far-right wing AP  history teacher was teaching in his classroom. Blacks had a strong work ethic in slavery, but it was ruined by LBJ’s Great Society? The scarier thing is to know that this is not an isolated situation. Unqualified history teachers all across the country are using their classrooms as a platform for spreading their political agendas. Now there is a frightening thought to kick off Halloween season.


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