Protestors, whiners, and “getting over” an election

Image result for trump confederate irony meme

The anti-Trump protests have continued and ratcheted up a bit. I still don’t have much to say about them, except that I find it amusing from an historical perspective that people are calling the protesters “whiners” and “sore losers” and criticizing them for not accepting the outcome of the election. First, I think we all know that this was going to happen no matter who won, as Trump primed the pump for such protests when he assured his supporters that the only way he would lose is if the whole thing was rigged. Many groups supporting Trump had already expressed their determination to protest/rebel if he lost. Imagine, if you will, the reaction of Trump’s most radical supporters if after months of their candidate saying the election was rigged, he had won the popular vote but lost in the electoral college. Yikes.   So don’t kid yourself, this was going to happen regardless of the outcome. But what I find most amusing is that a large base of Trump support comes from people that are nostalgic about the Confederacy. Let’s all remind ourselves that the Confederacy was born as a direct result of a movement of people that refused to accept the results of a fair democratic election and were afraid of what that would mean for the country and their own cultural and material interests. (And if you think today’s protestors do not have a reason to fear for their interests, you obviously have not encountered crying students seeking your counsel because they are legitimately afraid that their family will be deported, or because they fear that rights they have recently gained will soon be taken away. Or you are willfully ignoring things like this. ).

So when people call today’s protesters “whiners,” I have to wonder if that means they also feel that Confederates were also “whiners?” Doubtful. And weren’t the Confederates far worse “sore losers?” I mean, their refusal to accept the 1860 election results did wind up costing us 1 million casualties.

Oh, and today’s Confederate apologists certainly seem to have a hard time “getting over” the South’s loss.

So, lets have a little perspective when we start calling these folks “whiners.”As far as I am concerned, if these protests don’t lead to secession and a Civil War (which they won’t), we should all consider ourselves lucky considering where a massive refusal to accept a fair democratic election’s results has taken us before. Just sayin’ . . .


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