Dunkirk trailer; Biggest historical events of our lifetimes; Major historical events on Dec 25th

We finally have more than just a teaser trailer for Christopher Nolan’s upcoming movie about Dunkirk. (I’m excited to see that Kenneth Branagh is involved). It won’t be in theaters until July, but let’s all hope this movie will be as good as it looks. I tell the story of Dunkirk every semester in my classes, regardless of whether it is a Western Civ class or even a US history class (I make it work). Yes, sometimes mere “survival is victory.”

Check it out! (I advise going full screen when you do).

Today Dylann Roof received a guilty verdict in the murder of 9 people in a Charleston church. As you all know, in the wake of the event, Confederate battle flags, monuments, and other iconography were the subjects of a nation-wide debate and led to a wave of such symbols being removed or relocated across the country. Over on Civil War Memory today, Kevin Levin nicely memorializes the shooting victims, and includes a link to Obama’s comments about the rebel flag and how it has “always represented more than just ancestral pride.” Taking it down, he insisted, is not an act of political correctness, it is simply “an acknowledgement that the cause for which they fought–the cause of slavery–was wrong.” (Sadly, it may be a while before we have a president again that will openly express that).

This election has got us living through a major historical event right now, so this is interesting stuff from the Pew Research Center: they asked Americans to name the most historical event of their lifetime. The result is a top ten that includes all current generations, and then a break down of the top ten by each generation. No surprise that 9/11 was #1 across the board, but I am surprised that it was #1 even for the “Silent Generation.” I would have thought WWII would be, but perhaps that is a reflection of the fact that so few people are left with us that have strong memories of the event. Further surprising, Watergate did not make anyone’s top ten, not even the Baby Boomers.

And our Christmas posting for today: Besides its holiday connection, December 25th has witnessed many historical events in our past. Check out this list.


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