Obama on History channel; Russia & previous election meddling; Video game tackles racial issues; Titanic doomed by more than an iceberg?; History of comedy


Now here is an interesting development: the cable channel that has given us such “history” shows as Ancient Aliens and Ice Road Truckers, is set to air a 2 hour special/interview with Obama. The show will broadcast 5 days before he leaves office and will be his last interview as president. It will also include a number of other commentators from both inside and outside of the administration discussing Obama’s historical legacy.  I guess this is another indication that History channel is trying to be taken seriously again.

Let’s hope this guy doesn’t show up as a commentator:


It is pretty clear to everyone but Trump (or so he would have us believe) that the Russians were involved in getting him elected. Did you know that the Russians tried to meddle in one of our elections before? It is true, and it didn’t go over very well because the guy they wanted to help, Adlai Stevenson, would have none of it. (Because, you know, he was a good American).

Now THIS strikes me as a truly beneficial video game: Mafia III takes gamers into the American south of 1968, in the role of a young black man.  (I say we need to get this game into classrooms across the country).

Was Titanic taken down by more than just an iceberg? New research argues that a coal fire two weeks before its fatal trip had already doomed the ship. The theory derives from some recently discovered photographs.

CNN announced that they have an 8 part “history of comedy” series that will start airing in February. “Using archival footage punctuated by contemporary interviews with comedy legends, scholars and current stars, the new eight-part CNN Original Series explores what makes people laugh and how comedy has affected the social and political landscape throughout history.” Sounds interesting and fun, and goodness knows we could all use a good laugh.


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