Scientists are bringing back the woolly mammoth to fight global warming?; Long lost Walt Whitman novel surfaces; Monticello giving Sally Hemings her due; Trump learns some black history; Hitler’s phone is sold

An illustration of a family of Woolly Mammoths grazing on what is left of the grasses as winter approaches in this ice age scene. (Credit:Aunt_Spray/

Whoah, did you see this? Some scientists say that through genetic engineering they are close to bringing back the long extinct woolly mammoth. The benefit? It could slow global warming. How so? Check the story out. (Jurassic Park can’t be too far behind).

And speaking of long lost things resurfacing: A complete Walt Whitman novel has been found by a graduate student and is now available online and soon in print. “It’s not a great novel, though it’s not a bad read either,” said David S. Reynolds, a Whitman expert at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York.

Big news from Monticello: they too are uncovering some long lost history. A room that was turned into a bathroom is now believed to have been the room occupied by Sally Hemings. They are working on archeology and historic reconstruction to bring the room back to its origins and to use it interpret her life. The even better news, they plan to focus on her life apart from the alleged sexual connection between her and Jefferson, as well as to reconstruct other slave dwellings on the plantation so that they can more effectively interpret for their visitors the African American presence and accomplishments at Monticello.

And speaking of black history: Trump got across the DC Mall today to check out the Smithsonian Museum of African American History and Culture. We can be cynical about this, and point out that he strangely used the occasion to brag once again about the size of his victory (in South Carolina), but perhaps he learned something while he was there (doubtful). He also used the occasion to denounce the recent rise in anti-Semitic violence and threats. (Let’s see if he actually does anything, instead of just talking).

Oh, remember that Hitler phone that went up for auction and was touted as “the most destructive weapon of all time?” Well, it was sold for $243,000 to a bidder that is keeping their name secret. (Hmm, I’ll once again spare you a Trump joke).


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