A five-year-old’s wonderful African American History project; Debating rebel monuments in Richmond; History of the Congressional address, and of tattoos!

Day 10: Lola poses like civil rights activist Rosa Parks in her famous mugshot after she was ordered to the back of the bus

Did you see that very cute set of pics taken of a 5 year girl in which she recreates photos of famous African American heroines? Don’t miss it. I particularly love the ones of Bessie Coleman, Sojourner Truth, Mildred and Richard Loving, and of course Harriet Tubman. But all of them are great. Seriously, don’t miss checking them out.

The debate over the removal, replacement, or contextualization of Confederate monuments and memorials rages on. Now, the city of Richmond, Virginia, is deeply embroiled in it, as the new mayor is putting contextualization of the city’s famous Monument Avenue at the front of his agenda. In this piece from the Richmond Times Dispatch, eminent historian Ed Ayers weighs in, as does Jesse Jackson. Both seem to favor contextualization and see progress in that a consensus may be starting to emerge on this topic. If you have ever visited Monument Avenue, you know that it has long been in need of contextualization, in particular the Jefferson Davis monument, as the Lost Cause rhetoric on it is especially thick.

Trump’s first Congressional address is tonight, and with his tendency to break the mold, we have to wonder exactly how it will go down. Meanwhile, here’s a good brief history of the State of the Union Addresses.

I am convinced that the popularity of tattoos these days (3 in ever 10 people have them) is soon to spawn a massive industry in their removal as the millennial generation gets older. (Did that sound like an old fuddy duddy?)  But what is the history of tattoos? Check out this really interesting piece from Time.


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