It was the biggest, but not the only Oscar flub; Trump and “enemy of the people”; 50 Shades of Jamestown Colony?

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So how about that Oscar fiasco?? Fairly soon after the mishap, I immediately thought of the Truman/Dewey election and wanted to make a meme using the infamous photo of Truman with the morning newspaper. But then I thought, “what’s the point? Someone will beat me to it.” Sure enough, see above. Yet while this is the biggest flub in Oscar history, it isn’t the only time winners have gotten screwed up and otherwise huge gaffes made. Here’s a good list from The Hollywood Reporter (complete with videos) of “11 Past Oscars Screw-Ups and Other Awards Show Flubs.”

We all know that Trump is not the sharpest knife in the drawer, and is not a well-read man. So maybe he is just totally ignorant about the very bad historical connotations of the phrase “enemy of the people” when he hurled it at the media. In case you need a history lesson as to why this is frightening as hell, the New York Times has it covered.  But whether or not he understands the history, the man just can’t stop looking like an autocrat. Over, and over, again.

But back to pop culture: There is a new TV series from the makers of Downton Abbey, and it will be about women in early Jamestown. It is a British production, so it is not clear if/when/where it will air in the US. The participation of Jamestown Foundation historian James Horne is promising, until you watch the trailer. As my friend Christian McWhirter put it, “I’ve got a bad feeling about this.” Decide for yourself:


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