Do we need to re-write American history?; NOLA’s mayor on monument removal; Trump’s proposed tax cut is not the largest in U.S. history, but perhaps the opposition movement he spawned is


Could this find cause a major re-write of American history?

OK, this could potentially be huge find, or not. Remember how last year we got word that the path that we have always believed the first humans took across the “land bridge” is probably inaccurate? Well, this new development would shake things up even more than that. Researchers have discovered what they believe is stunning evidence that humans were in North America as early as 130,000 years ago (that is about 100,000 years sooner than is generally accepted). If this is true, how did they get here?  (Watercraft??) Others are very skeptical, to say the least. But this is definitely interesting, and could radically change those first lectures that teachers and professors all over the country give on the first day of a US history class!

More on monuments: The Washington Post has a good interview with the mayor of New Orleans about their ongoing project to remove monuments in the city. Two best quotes: ” “You can’t change history. Taking down a monument doesn’t change history.” And “We ought to be able to look back on [the Civil War] … and say, ‘You know what, the Confederacy was wrong.” Amen, brother.

Trump’s tax cut is not the “largest in history,” as he claims. Although it would be in the top three. The problem? It would cause the national debt to become the largest in history, that no amount of economic growth would fix.

But take heart, Donald! There is one way that you have made history in your first 100 days in office, and that is the historically unprecedented protests, marches, and general civic activism that your presidency has spawned. (And just a reminder, on the day after the election I predicted this was coming , and that prediction was based solely on the things I heard my millennial college students say that day when we discussed Trump’s victory. I think there is a lesson there about listening to the young).



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