About Me and the Site

So what is this blog about? It started out as a regular collection of links to interesting blogs and news stories that involved history. Sometimes I had a few short thoughts and comments, other times I didn’t.  Often I had longer musings on the stories, but tried to avoid it. I updated the site 2-4 times a week with new links and comments.

Lately that has changed. My busy schedule has made regular postings more difficult, and I’ve found that the site is more well received when I have more passionate and extensive comments on current stories (related to history). So now you’ll find less frequent postings, but more of my voice. (For better or worse!)

I still enjoy remarking on certain current events from the perspective of an historian (and still share links), but also history related movies and tv shows, as well as historic sites and public history.

But who am I?

My name is Glenn David Brasher, and I am an instructor of history at the University of Alabama (opinions expressed here are completely my own). A native of Birmingham, Alabama, I received my PhD from the University of Alabama. For eight years I was a seasonal park ranger at the Richmond National Battlefield Park. My book, The Peninsula Campaign and the Necessity of Emancipation was the 2013 recipient of the Wiley-Silver Award from the Center for Civil War Research at the University of Mississippi. I’ve also written essays that have appeared on the New York Times “Disunion” blog and in their subsequently published book featuring some of those essays, and in Civil War Monitor magazine. Currently, I have a book chapter in the works for Cambridge University Press, and my next book project (if I can ever get to it) involves editing a collection of primary sources.

Please follow me on Twitter @GlennBrasher


4 thoughts on “About Me and the Site

  1. Hello, Dr. Brasher. I discovered your blog when, in my sadness after the cancellation of Mercy Street, I was Googling around to see what others might be thinking about the cancellation. I am very pleased to have discovered your blog and have added it to my regular reading list. In your March 14th posting, you asked if anyone had started a petition. I did come across one at


    • Thanks, May Ann, I hope you do not grow bored with the blog! As for the petition, I am ahead of you, as I posted the link to it just the other day. Like you, I hope it can be saved.


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